Frequently Asked Questions




What is the advantage of using



MGC is the only website which offers its customers a choice between cash and “monster points”. Points can be used to purchase virtually any gift card on the site. MGC typically pays substantially more for gift cards when you select points. If a card is not listed for points simply send MGC an e-mail and ask us to change it. 


Does Monster Gift Card sell personnel client information to outside parties?

Absolutely not!!!! At MGC your personnel information is not for sale at any price or distributed to any outside party other than to those required to complete the transaction such as a credit card company.




Are there any fees when purchasing a gift card from MGC?


The price you see is the price you pay.  There are no fees of any kind.


How does Monster Gift Card ensure that every transaction is guaranteed?

MGC is in possession of every gift card listed on the site. MGC verifies the value of each card before it is sent to the buyer.

What happens if I receive my gift card and it is not the correct value?

Once MGC takes possession of a gift card we offer a 100% guarantee that the stated value of the gift card is what you will receive. If not we will offer to send you another gift card to make up the difference or send you the difference in cash. It’s your choice.


What are the advantages of shopping with a discount gift card purchased from MGC?

When you buy a discount gift card from MGC you are in essence buying cash at a discounted rate. Your savings are compounded when you combine your discounted gift card purchased at MGC with items that are on sale at your favorite merchants.



Are there any fees to sell a gift card to MGC?


The price you are quoted is what you will be paid.  There are no fees of any kind when you sell your gift card to MGC.



How do I sell my gift card to Monster Gift Card?

The first thing you do is click the sell tab and find your merchant to see what MGC will pay you for your card. You can select cash or points. MGC typically pays more for cards when you select points which can be used to purchase another card on the site. If you agree to the price, click the sell tab at the bottom. If you have not registered you will be prompted to do so at this time. Printout the page with your information and bar code and send your card to MGC. You can also write your name down and the last six digits under bar code on a piece of paper and mail your card to us.

How long does it take to receive my money when I sell my gift card to Monster Gift Card?

After MGC receives your gift card we will send you a check within two business days.


How should I send my gift card to Monster Gift Card?

The United States Postal Service is the most cost effective. MGC recommends that you send your cards to MGC with at least delivery confirmation.


Can I send multiple cards in the same envelope?


Yes you can.


Are there any additional fees when selling my card to MGC?

No, the price you are quoted is what you will receive. There are no hidden fees.


Why should I contact MGC if my card value is over $200?

In many cases MGC will still buy your card, but the fact is some merchants sell better than others.


Monster Points


What happens if I don’t have enough Monster Points to complete the transaction?

When you checkout you will have the option of paying cash to complete the transaction.


Who should I contact if I have a question?

Many of your questions can be answered by checking the FAQ page. If your question has not been answered to your satisfaction please contact or call our toll free number 866-439-6340.