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If you are selling us a gift card, you are responsible for the gift card balance and agree to fully reimburse us for any unauthorized use or fraudulently purchased gift cards. This remains in effect regardless of how much time has passed since you sold us the card.
You agree to use our site for lawful purposes only. You cannot use the site for any purpose which, at our discretion, would be considered illegal or unethical. We reserve the right to contact the appropriate state or federal agency to report unethical or illegal behavior and block your use of the website.
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If any part of the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer Notice or other portion of the site is determined to be void or invalid, the balance of the policies, terms and conditions will remain valid and enforceable.


Refund Policy

Monster Gift Card does not issue refunds for sales. Gift cards cannot be returned for the original purchase price. All sales are final and non-negotiable. However, customers have the option to sell any gift cards they previously purchased back to Monster Gift Card.


 Limit of Liability

Monstergiftcard will be held harmless from any and all acts and claims resulting from acts that are not the consequences of the sole negligence of Monster Gift Card L.L.C.
All claims are limited to the value of gift cards sold on All claims will be investigated to ensure that no fraudulent activity has occurred. In the event Monster Gift Card believes fraudulent activity is associated with a gift card, Monster Gift Card reserves the right not to reimburse the user for the fraudulent claim. Additionally, Monster Gift Card takes fraudulent activity seriously and will report such activity to the appropriate government agency.  

Gift cards are fully guaranteed for 101 days from the time of purchase. To file a claim, contact or 1-866-439-6340.  All claims will be thoroughly investigated and, upon determination that fraud is not a factor in the loss, Monster Gift Card will honor its guarantee and reimburse the user for the loss. Claims are limited to the actual lost value of the gift card and cannot exceed the original advertised value of the gift card.


Monster Points are not redeemable for cash and can only be used at

Monster Gift Card does not endorse or recommend the retailers, their websites, products or cards listed on