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How to Sell Your Gift Card for Cash

Search through our list of approved merchants.  If you cannot find the merchant who issued your gift card on our extensive list of approved merchants you can submit your card and we'll do our best to approve that merchant right away so you can get cash as soon as possible.


Choose your payment. When you sell a gift card to MGC we will pay cash.  MGC generally processes gift cards in 2 business days mails out a check.  If you would like to paid via please contact us and we can issue payment that way as well.  Dwolla works the same as Paypal but is free.


Send in your card. Once you have submitted your information you can print off an info sheet and mail in the card for processing.  As soon as we recieve the card we'll verify it and then send you your money, easy as that!


Please contact us if you are interested in swapping your card for another card. click here


We guarantee every card we sell through our site.